Friday, January 29, 2010

Our new adventure.

Lately my four year old has been saying things like, "come on Mom, it will be an adventure" she says it about anything from making her bed to going to the grocery store. Not really what I would call and adventure myself but she thnks it's all great fun. What I would call an adventure is starting a business with my Mom. Welcome to our corner of the world! In January 2010 we launched our etsy store and have been surprised with its success. Being from a small rural town in Idaho and not really knowing much about fashion, we are happy people like our designs and will wear them in public. :) My mom (Marcia) taught me to crochet when I was younger but I never really did much with it....until now. Mom designs all of our patterns and together we make the items. I have occasionally created a pattern or two but mom is really the genius behind them. My designing mostly sticks to digital scrapbook kits and embelishments. So what kinds of things do we sell? Great question, let me show you.

So there you have it. A few of our designs. There are many more in our store. We take custom orders for any size or color and we ship them out fast! Hats go out in 24 -48 hours and for special orders we add an additional 24 hours per item. How fantastic is that? :)

We also have digital items like this scrapbook kit:

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions!